Friday, January 21, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Unveiling I Go dye's Little Family

Stella Abulu
Her names are Stella Abulu. She is an ex beauty queen and face of Edo 2008 and now the wife of comedian I Go Dye. They both met at one of her charity events where I Go Dye came as a guest. That is their son, Roy and he is 4months old.


  1. pretty girl u try o, to hav married i go dye,lol. but i must say u have a handsome son.. lovely family

  2. what did u mean by she try o?the guy is a gentle man who has being saving billions of life trough his trade, igodye has taken comedy round the world is top listed among africa five best rich and femous what else,pls let congratulate them, cute boy god will give u money to takecare of ur family.

  3. sorry we are not even upto a billion in nigeria, not to talk of billions,lol. i only jst said she tried, talking abt the physical appearance.