Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hear Paddy Adenuga Talk;

Whichever babes that made the wack #!@%*# "Kilode" song & "Awon girls" track that hv been going around are the razzest babes God ever created.
After reading this, I had to search for the babe that sang the ‘Kilode’ song, funny enough, all my searches gave me EVA, a new upcoming female act. Shocked? What could I have said? NUHHHHHHHH this ain’t right. The poor babe who should be in her late 20’s is just trying to get herself a life in the music industry. I’m so sure Paddy has never met her, but what could have made him say a thing like that after listening to her song. Anyway, this is hype for this new upcoming act, at least a lot of people want to hear the song now and see if truly it’s WACK! Here’s a link to the song. www.reverbnation.com/EVADDIVA.


  1. The "Kilode he twitted about is the one done by Chichi Omeruah aka Chi Gurl

  2. R u sure that name exists? Cuz even the search engines cant find the name and the song. the only name it brings are Eva and Vector. cld u giv us a link to that, tnx.

  3. yes chioma omeruah exists

  4. cant find the name either